Ready to unlock Greater Boldness and Courage to Confidently Step Out and be Seen and Heard as the


If you are no longer willing to allow fear, insecurities, doubt, shame, worry or guilt to stop you from living a FULL, Rich & Abundant Life and making a Massive IMPACT in your Business or Ministry then read on.


I've seen so many amazing Heart-centred Women of Faith with a higher calling on their life and a desire to live the life that their soul yearns for stay stuck, small, hidden and settling in a life of survival mode because of deep-rooted fears, subconscious beliefs and inner wounds carried from childhood.


I know because that's also my story.


It took me 16+ years to open the prison doors of my heart and mind but IF you are ready to get the support and help you need, it doesn't need to take you that long.


The LONGER you leave dealing with the Root Cause, the Longer you'll go round the same mountain bumping into the same patterns and the LONGER it will take for you to create the Life and Business you Desire.


It's time to BREAK the Vicious Pattern.


Hi! My name is

Florence Achama Ukpabi

I'm a Courage & Confidence Coach

To Heart-centered Women of Faith who are ready to move past fear, stuckness and hiding and live a full, abundant and impact-filled life.


I know what it's like to be so emotionally sensitive to fear, doubt and anxiety and plagued with feelings of insecurity and unworthiness that you don't show up in your business or ministry for fear of being rejected or falling flat on your face. It's a horrible way to live, pulled in two directions of wanting to break free and not hide your light under a bushel but being afraid of what might happen if you do.


Your Mind becomes your own Prison.


So you deal with it through Procrastination, Busy Work, Hiding or Playing Small.


That's why my mission and passion is to help women of Faith finally deal with those internal blocks so that they can show up for the people who need the HOPE they offer with authentic courage, confidence boldness and consistency so that they can generate the cash flow they desire.


FREE TRAINING: What's REALLY keeping you Invisible & Stuck in your Business and How to get Over It


Access this Full-length free training video to help you understand the missing pieces that are keeping you stuck in your business/ministry.  Contrary to popular belief it isn't how much you know or even what you do but as I've said many, many times before,  it's WHO you are being.


The Confident Cash Flow Framework

(aka The 100K Experiment)

for Women of Faith that want to generate income in their business by confidently being seen as an expert with less fear and more ease


Using the Transformational coaching practices and doing the Deep Inner Work that has worked for me as well as my coaching clients, I've created a personalised 1:1 Coaching programme  that focuses on the things that make a REAL difference for Women who want to break free from fear in their business and consistently show up and generate cash-flow.

Month 1 & 2: Faith & Belief


Yes, it takes courage and confidence to step out and allow yourself to be seen standing in your Expertise BUT it also requires you to up-level your Faith and Belief. 

Confidence & belief

Through powerful, tried and tested Cognitive Hypnotherapy tools and techniques Month 1 will focus on getting to the root of any fear, insecurity and doubt that has been holding you back from walking and standing tall in WHO God has created you to be. We will work together to help you make the internal belief shifts that will transform how you see yourself, boost your confidence, self-esteem and self-belief so that you can see yourself as worthy and able to succeed. 

Abundance Mindset

In Month 2 we dive into Abundance Mindset.  Abundance Mindset is directly linked to faith and belief, in other words, how we think about life, God and how the world and the universe works.  So this month we'll dig into spiritual and universal truths gleaned from God's Word and Universal Principles (Quantum Physics) to help you transform the eyes that you are seeing the world through so that you can tap into the kind of faith and belief that will help you Up-level your Life and Biz.


Month 3 & 4: Aligned Action


You're already experiencing BIG differences in REAL and TANGIBLE ways, now it's time to start taking the ACTIONS and make your Goals a Reality.

clarity & visibility

Month 3 is about getting super clear and in alignment with the Bigger, Brighter and Bolder reality that God has for you and then getting to work to alongside Him to make it happen. You'll need a Visibility Strategy that works for you, plays to your strengths and allows you to easily show up in your Expert Status. Plus along with practical support and accountability, we'll continue to work on the beliefs and resistance that come up whenever we are up-levelling.

Focused Aligned Action

Wow! Look how far you've come in just 90-Days? You're consistently standing in your Expert status so in Month 4 we're revving up the Action. Using Scientifically researched neurocoaching and Goal Achievement techniques, we're going to bring everything together to make an Action Plan that will help you achieve the goals that you set for yourself and your business and deal with obstacles that to achieving them with greater ease from here on. 

How will Coaching Work?

    You will receive:

    • 12 x 1:1 Coaching calls with me (3 per month) and 1 week for catch-up/implementation 
    •  Weekly email check-ins 
    • 8 Personalised Subconscious Mindset Reprogramming Audios 
    • Additional Tools and Homework Assignments to Support Transformation 
    • Additional access to hand-selected training from my vault relevant to your needs

    The value of this course is PRICELESS & that's why it's called the 100k experiment


    The only limit is the limit you put on yourself through your beliefs and subconscious programming. Are you ready to LIFT the cap on the number of lives you can transform, the amount of impact you can make and the income you can bring in?

    £597 p/mth or £1997 full amount


    Working with Florence is life-changing! Florence has a God-given gift to help you to look inside yourself and discover what is holding you back.


    Marian Boveri

    Florence helped me to identify a major problem in my life that I could not see in myself. I knew something was blocking me from moving forward, I had been trying for months to figure it out. 

    Quintina Sheimel

    This has been a significant step in changing my life. I feel like God has shot me like an arrow towards a target I never knew existed. I have hope in my heart that I have begun lasting changes in my life

    Sarah Bissessar 

     I've been able to shed a lot of my life-long poverty mentality of striving, sabotaging, and punishing myself, and have instead begun to expect abundance in my life. On the business side, I've doubled my prices and signed a wonderful client - and I'm very excited about my future business prospects!


    I am deeply grateful God led me to Florence, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to do deep heart work and tackle their life challenges at a foundational level, freeing them to experience genuine success in all areas of life.

    Sylvia Knittel

    My coaching call with Florence was insightful, inspirational, and enlightening! Florence listened and held beautiful space for us to connect like we were old friends even though we have never even met! She asked deep questions that helped me see areas of my life, habits, and particular feelings/attitudes I have developed with fresh eyes and a new point of view. She gave me tangible, tractionable action steps to star towards achieving my goals and I am excited to move forward with new clarity and vision not just for my life, but also for my business. Thank you Florence for you expertise, wisdom, and discernment!

    Karen Knelsen Sterling

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