Are YOU a Woman of Faith who is

Ready to Break Free of Fear, Limiting Beliefs & Doubt?

It's Time for You to Start Experiencing Increased Breakthroughs and Freedom to Create the Life you Desire.


(Courage & Confidence Coach)

FREEDOM TO CREATE AND LIVE the Life you Truly Want isn't a Secret for the select few and here's why...


God isn't a respector of Persons.


What He DOES respect is our faith and our belief. All through the Bible God's Word talks about the Power of Belief and Faith as the #1 currency for breaking through, overcoming and living a more full and abundant life.


My work as a coach and my own personal experience has testified to this, I know that it is possible to live from a place of greater freedom and increased breakthroughs if that is what you truly desire. 

Why NOT You?

Once you understand how fearfully and wonderfully created you are, you will realise that transformation and changing your current reality is more than possible for you.


I want to help you make that shift and gain the awareness and tools you need to start experiencing it as your new reality.


I've put together a 3-Month Small Group Coaching Programme called The Freedom and Breakthrough Programme especially created for Women of Faith just like you.


This programme is based on the key elements that my clients have historically struggled with time and time again and the transformational steps that I take them through so that they can experience massive shifts that empower them to start creating the life they desire with more freedom, courage, confidence and creative authenticity.

The Freedom & Breakthrough Programme

This Programme is broken down into 3 specific modules:



In this module the focus is on helping you develop increased self-awareness to understand your inner landscape so that you can begin to make sense of what makes you act and react the way you do. We will begin to uncover subconscious roots that have been springing up and dis-empowering feelings of shame, guilt and unworthiness that may have been keeping you stuck, small, settling or surviving up until now.



The purpose of this module is to help you let go of old dysfunctional and limiting thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back and support you in re-aligning yourself with more empowering mindset shifts. We will dig into practical wisdom, applied psychology and Biblical and Spiritual teachings around abundance, possibility and success, in this way giving you a new internal framework to start creating the reality you desire upon.



This module is all about helping you plan, strategise and implement practical faith-based steps that are achievable and move you in the direction that you desire to go. We will also be working on building up courage and confidence muscles in the process whilst utilising practical tools and techniques to help you overcome resistance and self-sabotaging behaviours such as procrastination that tend to crop up along the journey. By the end of the module you will have seen tangible results and have a sound framework that will help you continue to work out your faith-based reality with ease.

Each module will consist of the following:

  • 3 Audio Training Lessons and accompanying PDF Worksheets

  • Weekly (x3) Small Group QnA Coaching Call where you’ll receive specific action steps,  accountability and feedback to make​ sure you are moving forward.

  • Weekly Subconscious Mindset Re-set Exercises that I use Exclusively with Clients (x3)

  • One Week in each module especially set aside for processing, reflection, implementation and catch-up.

PLUS if that wasn't enough....

45-Minute Orientation and Goal Setting Call at the beginning of the course to help you clarify your goals and identify potential setbacks


- 30-minute Belief Buster personal coaching session with me at any time in the programme


- Personality Profile assessments to help you understand and embrace your unique blueprint


Have access to me and the other ladies in a dedicated online small group space.


PLUS find out how to receive additional bonuses such as my powerful 90-Minute Breakthrough Intensive Session for FREE!!!

Video Teaching on How to Breakthrough & Programme Details in More Depth


Toyin O.

Working with Florence was a great way to start my year. My sessions with her have been quite insightful and simple. I have a greater awareness about my thought patterns, limiting beliefs and have started to tackle what held me back. Specifically, I am now aware of how responsible I am for all of my decisions and have started taking steps to act on several decisions I have held back on for years. I am no longer stalling and kicking my legs in refusing to move, believing anyone else was responsible, I am now making the moves required to change situations I do not like. It has been very refreshing and I feel like a new person as a result.  Thank you Florence!

Florence’s coaching was spot on, challenging me to think differently. She was able to get to the root of my playing small and how that was showing up in my life and business. I no longer need to play small and value my God-given gifts. Florence is insightful and very easy to work with. She asks tough questions, but I totally felt comfortable in being vulnerable. Resetting my subconscious mind to work with me has made the difference in both my personal and business life. Thank you, Florence.

Jean H.

Ade O.

I have been working with Florence for about 3 months now. I am so glad I found her. She waits for you to come to your own conclusions and really helps you clarify your own thoughts and next steps, by allowing you to do the work- digging deep to find what you already know to be true. The process is often uncomfortable, but so rewarding! In the time we have worked together I have learnt that the journey is the destination, to move towards my desired goals by taking small measurable steps, to own my power and reframe my world by using empowering phrases that energise rather than drain me and to be kinder to myself and acknowledge my progress. I am so glad I found her and work with her as she is the perfect fit coach for me at the moment. 

 I've been able to shed a lot of my life-long poverty mentality of striving, sabotaging, and punishing myself, and have instead begun to expect abundance in my life. On the business side, I've doubled my prices and signed a wonderful client - and I'm very excited about my future business prospects!


I am deeply grateful God led me to Florence, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to do deep heart work and tackle their life challenges at a foundational level, freeing them to experience genuine success in all areas of life.

Sylvia K.

Lenita C.

I am a fellow coach that requested Coach Florence’s services to take a deeper look and learn a new perspective with a limited belief that was creating an emotional block for me to better serve my clients. I am blessed to have worked with her to identify and bring the negativity energy to surface. I am forever grateful. Thank you Coach Florence💜.

ALL of this for 3 Payments of £350

The Freedom and Breakthrough Programme starts on Monday the 29th of April and runs for 12 weeks.


The group will be no more than 6 ladies so that I can give you individualised support.


To secure your spot or find out whether this is the right step for you then your next step is to book a 1:1 Discovery call with me.


You can do that by going to my scheduling calendar via the button below.


If you are serious about experiencing increased breakthroughs and greater freedom to create the life you desire with time to spare to make it happen in 2019 then I encourage you to jump on this opportunity today!


PLUS secure your spot by the 17th of April and get a 90-Minute Breakthrough Coaching Session with me. 





90-Minute Breakthrough Intensive Session

to redeem any time up until the end of the year.


Only £850





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