Ready to unlock Greater Boldness and Courage to Confidently Step Out and be Seen and Heard as the


If you are no longer willing to allow fear, insecurities, doubt, shame, worry or guilt to stop you from living a FULL, Rich & Abundant Life in ALL the ways that matter to YOU then read on.


I've seen so many amazing Heart-centred Women of Faith with a higher calling on their life and a desire to live the life that their soul yearns for stay stuck, small, hidden and settling in a life of survival mode because of deep-rooted fears and traumatic experiences from early childhood.


I know because I was one of them.


It took me 16+ years to open the prison doors of my heart and mind but IF you are ready to get the support and help you need, it doesn't need to take you that long.

My name is

Florence Achama Ukpabi

I'm a Courage & Confidence Coach

To Heart-centered Women of Faith who are ready to move past fear, stuckness and hiding and live a full, abundant and impactful life.


I know what it's like to be so emotionally sensitive to fear, doubt and anxiety that you not only hide the REAL you away from the world so you won't get hurt or be rejected but you also create the very reality that's in opposition to what your soul yearns for.


Your Mind becomes your own prison.


That's why my mission and passion is to help you boldly and courageously express authentic confidence that will not only enable you to SHINE but also create and LIVE the life you desire.

If you're READY to start Living a Full, Rich, Abundant & Impact-filled Life then...


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Visibility & Inner Block Discovery Call

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So only book this call if you are...

  • Heart-Centred

    You see yourself as a heart-centred woman with a heart for others. You are compassionate, kind and value your ability to feel.

  • Ready to do Inner Work

    Not everyone is cut out for looking inwards and working on themselves but you KNOW that you change your reality by changing yourself first.

  • Positive & Motivated

    If you see yourself as a VICTIM you'll look at the world through the wrong eyes and won't be ready to own your change. Don't apply.

  • Faith Led

    No matter where you are on your faith journey, your faith and relationship with God is super important to you.

  • Ready for Change

    You are literally at the point where you can't go a moment longer living like you are, you were ready for change yesterday!

  • Ready for Action

    This isn't a counselling session, you need to be ready to take action on what comes up for you without talking yourself out of it - I'll help you.

If this is you then I would love to help you move from stuck, small and hidden to courageous, confident and powerfully YOU.

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Utilising Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Neuroscience, CBT and Integrative Christian Counselling alongside Faith Psychology, Universal Principles & God's Word I have put together a range of 1:1 Coaching packages for the Woman of Faith ready to transform her life through transforming WHO she is being.

Courageous Confidence & Authenticity 

Faith-Aligned, Subconscious Mindset Coaching

  • Step-by-step Accountability and goal-focused support to move you forwards and see tangible results.




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The Confident Cash-flow Framework for Faithpreneurs 

The 100K Experiment, taking off the earning cap in your business

  • Step-by-step Accountability and goal-focused support to move you forwards and see tangible results.




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Subconscious Mindset Reframe Intensive 

2.5 - 4 Hour Intensive to use for whatever you want

  • For those who want the Cognitive Hypnotherapy support without the added extras. 



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