Calling Women of Faith on a Mission

Ready to
Unleash Authentic Courage and Confidence to

Walk in your Purpose &

Easily Create the Results you Desire?


Well the Good News is that You Can,

because God wants you to Live in Greater Soul-alignment, Freedom and Fulfilment.


(Courage & Confidence Coach)

There are too many Women with a heart to serve God, make a difference in the world and live a life of true freedom, joy and abundance being held back by fear, doubt and insecurities.


If that’s you and you’re here then I know that you know that this isn’t serving you and neither is it serving God.


The Good news is that this doesn’t have to be your reality.


If you are the kind of woman who knows that you are meant for more and that you have allowed fear and limiting beliefs to hold you back but today you are ready to take back control and authority over your life then I have created a 1:1 coaching programme just for you.


The Confident and On-Purpose Woman

This is a 5-month 1:1 Coaching Programme for the Woman of Faith ready to overcome Fear and Resistance, own and express her uniqueness with greater confidence and authenticity whilst taking Faith-aligned Actions that naturally and easily results in the co-creation of the Life her soul desires.


I created this programme based on my own experiences and working with women just like you who have gone from fearful, doubting and insecure to powerful, on purpose and on fire women who are clear on the life they want to create, know how to make it happen and are consistently taking right actions to manifest it with joy and ease.


My story is likely not very different from yours, for the longest time I was crippled by fear to the extent that it led to my developing a rare autoimmune condition, being so traumatised and anxious that I struggled to leave the house and had to stop working, stayed in an unhealthy co-dependent relationship way past the expiry date.


Today my life is completely different, here are some of the breakthroughs and tangible results that I have and continue to experience:​

  • I am in a loving and mutually respectful relationship and getting married to an amazing man in August

  • I am the healthiest that I have ever been, spirit, soul, body and mind

  • I went back to work and retrained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist

  • I do work that I love as a Courage and Confidence Coach working with Women of Faith ready to break the fear cycle and create a life that lights them up

Fear, doubt and insecurity can make us do strange things and can keep you stuck, small, settling and in survival mode when you should really be owning your awesomeness, standing tall, making a difference and easily attracting the life that God has ordained for you to live.


The Confident and On-Purpose Woman is designed to help you:


  • Finally, understand what has been holding you back and uncover any subconscious roots and where these may stem from as well as helping you uproot these so that you can clear the space to sow seeds of truth in their place

  • Learn skills and strategies that have been tried-and-tested and work that will enable you to overcome negative thoughts and emotions and persistent habits that have stopped you from showing up confidently and powerfully

  • Own the truth of who you are, your unique and intrinsic worth and value and to embrace God’s promises in your life so that you can believe God for more and allow yourself to walk in purpose and from a place of victory, authenticity and true confidence.

  • Understand spiritual and Biblical laws and principles that will help you begin to manifest and co-create the life you desire with greater ease, joy and peace instead of from a place of striving, toil and anxiety.

  • Get crystal clear clarity on your God and Life Vision and say goodbye to uncertainty, doubt, second-guessing and confusion which is the means by which the enemy has stopped you from taking action for far too long.

  • Take consistent actions borne out of faith that manifest in soul-aligned results as you begin step out of your comfort zone, up-level and co-create with God day by day.


Toyin O.

Working with Florence was a great way to start my year. My sessions with her have been quite insightful and simple. I have a greater awareness about my thought patterns, limiting beliefs and have started to tackle what held me back. Specifically, I am now aware of how responsible I am for all of my decisions and have started taking steps to act on several decisions I have held back on for years. I am no longer stalling and kicking my legs in refusing to move, believing anyone else was responsible, I am now making the moves required to change situations I do not like. It has been very refreshing and I feel like a new person as a result.  Thank you Florence!

Florence’s coaching was spot on, challenging me to think differently. She was able to get to the root of my playing small and how that was showing up in my life and business. I no longer need to play small and value my God-given gifts. Florence is insightful and very easy to work with. She asks tough questions, but I totally felt comfortable in being vulnerable. Resetting my subconscious mind to work with me has made the difference in both my personal and business life. Thank you, Florence.

Jean H.

Ade O.

I have been working with Florence for about 3 months now. I am so glad I found her. She waits for you to come to your own conclusions and really helps you clarify your own thoughts and next steps, by allowing you to do the work- digging deep to find what you already know to be true. The process is often uncomfortable, but so rewarding! In the time we have worked together I have learnt that the journey is the destination, to move towards my desired goals by taking small measurable steps, to own my power and reframe my world by using empowering phrases that energise rather than drain me and to be kinder to myself and acknowledge my progress. I am so glad I found her and work with her as she is the perfect fit coach for me at the moment. 

Here’s what you will receive when we start working together:

  • 2 x 90 Minute Deep-dive Subconscious Mindset Breakthrough Sessions  (Months 1 and 2)

    These sessions are designed to help you get absolutely clear on subconscious roots that have been holding you back. These are deep dive sessions that will leave you with greater awareness, clarity and understanding of how you personally have been creating your reality and how to begin to uproot the negative beliefs that have been feeding them. (Valued at £500)

  • 10 x 60 minute Renewed Mind Coaching Sessions
    (1 in months 1 and 2 and 2 per month from then on)

    The Renewed Mind sessions build upon the work covered in the Deep-Dive Breakthrough sessions, this is where we do the consolidation, transformation and reconsolidation work that is pivotal to help you establish the kind of thoughts and beliefs that create internal shifts that bring about the external changes in your reality. (Valued at £1200)

  • 3 x Personalised Subconscious Mind Reprogramming Audios
    (Month 1, 4 and 5)

    You will receive 3 personalised Subconscious Mindset reprogramming audios unlike anything you can pick up elsewhere because they are specially formulated using the language of your subconscious mind.  We are all uniquely different and therefore how we create and maintain our reality is unique to us. By having these audio meditations that have been formulated especially for you, it makes it easier for your subconscious mind to reprogramme itself and is one of the reasons why my clients experience results as quickly and as deeply as they do. (Value £225)


  • Unlimited Voxer Support – weekly check-ins are included in the programme along with unlimited Voxer support within working hours. (Valued at £500)
  • Audio recordings of each session – You have access to each of our sessions together so it doesn’t matter if you forgot to make a note of that ah-ha moment or something that I said that you can’t quite remember.  Plus even when our time together has come to an end you can still go back to revisit and learn new things as often as you need to. (Valued at £500)
  • Personality/Strengths Assessment in month 2 to help you understand and embrace your uniqueness and value. (Price varies)


Total Value of Coaching Package £2925 +

PLUS You'll Also Receive


My Inside Out Manifestation Framework

Training Series 

(valued at £500)


Over the years of coaching and doing my own deep work I've realised that there are 5 Key Areas that need to be addressed in order to move ourselves into position to easily receive from God and begin to create the results and the life we desire.


Spiritual Truth Re-alignment - Key Biblical, Spiritual and Universal Truths that are a powerful catalyst to calling in the things that are not.... yet.


Subconscious Beliefs Overhaul - understand and recognise false beliefs and stories keeping you stuck and transform core beliefs that are holding you back.


Emotional Wholeness - learn how to stop allowing negative emotions have dominion and control over you


Thought Renewal - skills, strategies and tools that will enable you to take captive negative thoughts that stop you from walking boldly, confidently and on-purpose.


Behavioural Patterns Override - throw out the habits that are no longer serving you and discover how to create positive behaviours , faith aligned action and habits that do.


In addition, the training audios may cover the following:


·    The Biblical Promise of True Freedom and Victory,

·    Embracing your I Am and Standing Confidently in Yourself

·    Abundance and Success Mindset,


You will receive 2 of these training audios every month which you can bring to your coaching sessions for further support.

Total Value including Bonus £3425+

Your Investment




Also includes Michael Hyatt’s Famous
1-Year Productivity and Goal Planner (valued at £120)


Only £2200






5 x Monthly Payments of £475

- More Client Love -

 I've been able to shed a lot of my life-long poverty mentality of striving, sabotaging, and punishing myself, and have instead begun to expect abundance in my life. On the business side, I've doubled my prices and signed a wonderful client - and I'm very excited about my future business prospects!


I am deeply grateful God led me to Florence, and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to do deep heart work and tackle their life challenges at a foundational level, freeing them to experience genuine success in all areas of life.

Sylvia K.

Lenita C.

I am a fellow coach that requested Coach Florence’s services to take a deeper look and learn a new perspective with a limited belief that was creating an emotional block for me to better serve my clients. I am blessed to have worked with her to identify and bring the negativity energy to surface. I am forever grateful. Thank you Coach Florence💜.

Next Steps

To ensure a “good fit” this program is by interview only, I am pleased to offer you a complimentary Confidence Kick-starter Session valued at £127 to get started simply click the button below.


Still not sure?


Ask yourself how much time, energy and money has indecision, doubt, fear and insecurity cost you so far? 


Are you really prepared to continue to let these mission and joy-stealers keep you stuck in a life that is slowly eating away at your soul?


If the answer is a resounding no, then your next step is to get on the phone with me so that you can finally leave the life that isn’t serving you behind.


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What qualifies you to do this type of work?

I see the word hypnotherapy, isn't that not of God?

How do I know if this is for me?

Yes!! That's me, I'm ready, so what kind of results might I experience?

That's great, I'm so glad you're not willing to allow yourself to be held back any longer. One thing that you should know is that because we are all different, we have different life experiences, different strengths and weaknesses and different goals and objectives there are no set results. However all my clients experience increased confidence, courage, faith, belief, self-esteem, clarity, direction, motivation, authenticity, joy, peace, fulfillment, well-being which means that they are walking in greater potential, purpose, abundance and success in the key areas of life that are most important to them.  One-to-one coaching is focused on the unique needs of each individual, we work together to understand your goals and what is keeping you stuck in achieving them and our time together is focused on you breaking through the resistance and issues that have been stopping you from getting to the other side.

I'm scared of investing, what if this doesn't work for me?

What is the Full Focus Planner that comes as a pay in Full Bonus?

How can I make a payment?

Where do the coaching sessions task place?

I have another question that hasn't been answered, how can I contact you?

You can contact me by going to my website or containing me by email at achama(@) (please remove brackets before and after "@").


Here's a final re-cap of what is included once you sign up for The Confident and On-Purpose Woman Coaching Programme


- 2 x 90-minute Deep-dive Subconscious Mindset Breakthrough Sessions


- 8 x 60-minute Renewed Mind Coaching Sessions


- 3 x Personalised Subconscious Mindset Reprogramming Audios


- Inside Out Manifestation Audio Training Series
(10 Transformational Downloadable Audio Recordings)


- Unlimited Voxer Support


- Lifetime access to recordings of all coaching sessions


- Validated Personality/Strengths Assessment


- {Full Focus Planner - Pay in Full Only}



Let's get the ball rolling....

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